Artificial Intelligence or Voice assistant is basically digital assistant which recognizes the natural language voice commands. This digital assistant is actually an application program and it usually completes the task for the user. For example, whatever tasks the user will order to AI voice assistant, it will accomplish it.

In this 21st century, with the progress in web design services, lots of web tools are also launched across the world. If we talk about digital assistants then there are many in the market. Among these assistants, the most popular ones are M, New Google Assistant, API.AI, Ok Google, Clara, Voicera, Caspy, Fin on slack etc.

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M is personal assistant assemble inside the Facebook Messenger. Google Assistant has many features like Google home support and Google lens support which makes it special. Ok Google is voice assistant with which you can put your voice commands. Fin was just an app in the beginning then it came to the web and now on slack.

Many people get confused by looking over the varieties of digital assistant. In my opinion, you must go for Google Duplex.

In order to provide great experience for both the clients and businesses, the Google duplex, digital assistant was made few years ago.

This artificial intelligence assistant can talk to human beings and help them by finishing their task. Google Duplex is innovation made by Google and there are certain amazing features in this innovation. For booking reservations, taking appointments at thousands of parlors and scheduling in a restaurant within seconds, this innovation is best.

Google Duplex can contact companies and ask about aspects such as irregular store hours during Sundays and other holidays. Due to this, much information can be made accessible online. This can be beneficial for businesses and can reduce phone calls from the general community. Google duplex offers natural pauses during the chatting such as “hmm” and “umm”. It helps user for booking a salon also.

Google duplex will be used to do all that stuff which normally a human can do. However, this digital assistant cannot perform general conversations.

It is designed in such a manner that it will respond in a very friendly manner and understand the context of the chat. Moreover, if it finds the conversation complicated enough to handle then it will get a human to come and take over. This means even a human interruption will be there in the process.

Google is on its way to add some more fascinating features in this digital assistant. With more features in future, Google duplex will become an attractive package for people all over the world. Hence, it is really a good option for people.

Google Duplex technology is an ingredient of Google Assistant and it is still under development and experimental stage. In the forthcoming months, the latest version of it will be rolled out.


Making mistakes is natural. But these mistakes result in wastage of time, efforts, and assets. No inbound marketing strategy can be without minor malfunction. In order to avoid errors, you must know about the most common mistakes which are made during marketing. Here, we have described seven most detrimental mistakes which will ruin your content marketing. You can verify the seven mistakes in your content marketing and make corrections right away.

a) No Planning or policy for content marketing

Content Marketing is challenging and requires proper scheme. This does not mean that you have to write dozens of things on a paper. But there should be a strategy which answers to all types of questions related to content marketing. The correct policy will guide your team through all the technological commotion. You must pay attention to the target and plan everything according to it. Content marketing has become as crucial as website design and development services in the field of information technology.

b) No connection between content marketing and complete marketing strategy

Your content marketing planning must be lined up with the overall marketing planning. All the parts of marketing strategy should not move in various directions. Otherwise, your customer can get the puzzled image. For such case, you should make SEO audit friendly and align linking between content marketing and complete marketing strategy.

   c) Complicated, difficult and gibberish content

You must not write such a content which is too much complex for your audience. You must keep your content short and sweet. Your audience should be able to understand the vocabulary words and sentences you have used in your content. Hence, you should avoid writing the complicated type of content which is difficult for the audience to accept.

d) Flabby content

You should not make content which claims on something with no proof. IF your content is not proving anything then your audience will not be able to take interest in it. For proper marketing and growth of the business, your content should give all tactics about the area which it wants to highlight. If you wish to declare something then you must also give points which become evidence for your stated fact.


 e) Lacking incorrect asset

If you do not have right resources for your content marketing then you will be pushed behind. For the growth of your business, you must have solid tools which can help you create and build up better content. You can give the task of creating content to any other team member. This will help in the manufacture of fresh and exciting content.

   f) Not making long-lasting content

You must take such topics which will not be out of fashion in the forthcoming years. Evergreen topics must be selected while fresh and good content must be written. This will increase your subscribers and grow your search engine ranking. So make such type of content which results in ceaseless growth. Even though there are High Quality SEO Services available in the market still your content should be such that it attracts the minds of the audience and they become mesmerized towards your content.

   g) Ignoring customers issues

If your content talks about what you feel and not about what your customer wishes to read then it is your biggest mistake. During B2B marketing, you must provide content which touches the heart of your customer. For this, you must listen to your customers. It will enlighten the ideas in which they are fascinated. Hence, you should not avoid your customer’s issues.

Website design and development is coming with several updates and new trends as well. Every website development company offering new and latest service allows people to see latest styles of websites. One of the latest trends of websites is single page website. There are several aspects of different trends of web development, and single page style of web portal development also comes with several negative and positive sides.

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Factors every web development company must consider

Single pages websites are easy to make, demands for less hosting space and can be managed very easily for sure. These are some of the advantages of having this kind of website. Other than these, there are some disadvantages as well associated with this style. Web development companies must also tell their clients about these disadvantages before making their website. One of those limits the information to be shared over website.

As the name suggests, single page website is made up of only one page, which can hold very little amount of information. Website development service for this type of website doesn’t allow putting important information like selling points, and business arguments on one page only. If promotional content is filled there, it can put an undesired image of website. Companies offering web development solutions must consider this point carefully.

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Factors other than web development

One other disadvantage condenses SEO of that single page website. It is because the website is having only one page so all the SEO must be focused to that page only. Other than this it will also miss benefits of other pages hosting different sets of keyword. Only a limited set of 3-4 keywords can be targeted to a single page website, so it can’t help take the complete benefits.

So, as one page website does come with several disadvantages with limited number of advantages, web application development companies must take care of following the things carefully. One of the companies offering quality website development service can be found at D Amies Technologies.

Online marketing is coming up with a changed visualization and changed concepts these days. There are several modifications and updates in this industry recently changing it completely. To have a better visibility and get maximum number of visitors over website search engine optimization is always considered there, but the concept has also changed now with the availability of so many highly attractive and usable webs. An expert SEO company understands the market needs in current scenario and focus on website usability as well. Putting equal efforts to optimize website usability and site SEO has become the necessity now.

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When talking about SEO, it will help bring users to the website by availing it with good search engine ranks and improved visibility as well. But, if the landing page is not up to the mark and not useful for the visitors, they will immediately leave your web looking for your competitors. An expert SEO company knows and understands this clearly and stops SEO efforts to end with nothing.
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Focusing on the website design and functionally is not also beneficial alone if the users are not coming to it. What if you website avails the best user experience and usability, but any visitor hardly come to it. So it is also needed to hire an expert SEO company to let your website reach to entire world with great ease.

So, as both the usability of website and SEO are equally important to get the desired traffic that converts, these both must be applied with equal proportion. A website must be made completely usable for web users and for the search engines both so that the visitors sent by search engines stay over website and find it useful. So, hire an expert SEO company to get high number of convertible traffic to website from your target area.

With the increasing interest of people in latest technologies, latest innovation and updates are regularly seen in these. Mobile platforms are having the most updates nowadays, with the increasing number of smart phone users. Android is the leading mobile platform nowadays, which is accessed by most of the mobile users. With the increasing number of users for android, app development for android has come into high demand now.
app development for android There are several features associated with android, making it more useful and powerful to be used. With every update android comes up with more features, making that more effective and powerful. One of the latest features of android avail the phone with enhanced security.

Mobile losing can happen with anyone and there are very few chances of getting it back as well. If misfortune is there with you, there are very few or no chances of getting that mobile back. But still, if someone tries to give it back to you, the screen doesn’t allow anyone to access the numbers and details to contact. But, this security feature is boosting app development for android a lot.
app development for android This feature allows your contact details to appear on lock screen, so that anyone can view those details even while the phone is locked.  You can add your name, email-id, contact number and address to your lock screen, so that it will be easy for anyone to contact you to return your phone. This features somehow enhances the security of android phones and increase demand of app development for android with some margin as well.

For using this service the user need to go to screen security setting option and an owner info tab will be availed there. User can go to owner info menu and enter all the details there manually. After adding the information there, it will start showing on the lock screen. This feature can help you a lot if you have good fortune with you, but because of this feature a boost can be seen in app development for android.

Internet and technologies have taken a vital place in all the aspects of businesses nowadays. Almost all the industries are using latest technologies to boost their profitability and websites are playing very important role in that. Having a web solution is a high necessity in today’s time to reach to your target audiences for every small and big business. Web development solutions are in huge demand because of industries taking interest into web based business.

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Numbers of web developers are there availing high quality web development to the world following latest rules and techniques of developing a robust web portal. There are several things need to be followed for successful user engagement over website after complete development. One of the considerable things is to have perfect navigation paths throughout the website. It helps keep the users on the website for longer time letting them reach to their desired page easily.

There are several things to be done for availing a smooth and perfect navigation and one of them is not to use any hidden element. Many times developers go for hidden element approach for various reasons, but it is not at all effective and may cause users to get frustrated. Website development solutions must not go with this approach as this may lead to loss of users.<a title="web development solutions" web development solutions The other way of bring perfection in navigation is to make use of breadcrumbs throughout the website. Making use of breadcrumbs allows your visitors to navigate to any page anytime from anywhere with a single click. This makes it easy for users to know the path followed by them to reach any particular page and to go back anytime.

These days web development solutions prefer to avail a beautiful designed and artificial looking web portal, but the functionality and perfect navigation is must to be there. So, keep the navigational paths optimized and perfect in your web for better user engagement.

Smart phones have reached to almost everyone around the world and these are being used a lot over traditional general phones. There are several platforms for smart phones development and Android is the leading one among those. Android is a very much popular and most used mobile platform because of a high number of very useful and powerful applications. Android mobile app development is on boom these days availing latest powerful and features application to the world.

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Android mobile app development is increasing in use and popularity because of latest interesting features. One of the attractive features of android is to allow equalizing the music. The built in music application in android comes with the feature to allow the user to equalize the music as per their need.

It can be done by tapping three dots in the upper right corner of the application while playing any song. After tapping on three dots user can select equalizer from there and can select any presets from there. Different presets are allowed to be selected from there depending on the requirements and the type of music playing. Features like this allow the users listening music in a great way and add one more reason to high demand of android mobile app development.

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Other than this the users are allowed to fine tune the music by setting different sliders to different value exactly according to the music playing. Five different sliders are availed to the users making that app more powerful and user friendly and users can adjust them as per their needs. Android mobile app development is on boom nowadays because of such amazing and powerful features and these features must be used as well to have a great experience.